Design and build


Communications are an integral part of all kinds of infrastructure that is undertaken by Intertech. A communication channel owned by a company is strictly regulated and requires a corresponding license. The license is granted the engineering stage – that holds for radio channels, telematics and other communication channels.

Intertech has been working in this field for many years, and can offer an extensive list of services. We engineer communications hubs as per particular customer specification based on their line of business. We design communication hubs based on site particulars, and the qualification of customer personnel that is to operate the hub.

By working with us you can avoid all the “pleasures” of going through the soviet bureaucratic machine, but even avoid the more common mistakes, often made by customers which do not want to outsource the communication hub engineering. Intertech specialists work with the full spectrum of equipment available on the market. Thus we could implement a hub for any customer from a small office IP telephone system to a large production facility with a telephone substation, local intercoms and outer telephone routing.

Engineering communication hubs allows the customer to implement mobile networks – base stations, communicators, transcoders, routers, multimedia hubs and so on. We work with both wireless and hardware networks. We supply a full spec of documentation as per the local regulations. We can also offer telematics communication services (GPS monitoring, call-centre, security systems and so forth).

Our team is a close circle of specialists, which offer a moderately priced range of services, as we aim for the result rather than bloating our department to the size of a large project institute. We take the project from the initial design to installation and commissioning, with a full set of documentation.