Design and build


Intertech is a team of engineers who specialise in design and installation of all kinds of infrastructure and networks – data networks, power, plumbing, heating, power and central heating transport lines, as well as a variety of technologies commonly referred to as “smart house”. We are successfully working the competitive market in Russia and abroad.

We differ from most traditional design bureaus, project institutes and other such organisation in that we do not set ourselves the goal of an ever expanding employee list. In today’s market that does not better a company’s competitive edge from the client’s standpoint. Our top managers are team leaders who have been involved for many years in design, reconstruction and implementation of various civil engineering applications. They are real professionals in the field and know all the particulars in our market that make up the design and implementation of any kind of network and infrastructure.

Working with us you get project documentation and service that accounts for:

- Adapted to real conditions and workload at site, existing communications, geometry and geology;

- A stringent setting with regards to possible implications, such as high density area, problematic soil, difficult access, etc.;

- A competitive pricing for engineering and implementation of infrastructure, due to the right balance of resources, moderate number of employees and office space, etc.;

- A full range of licences in compliance with the relevant regulations (that have been accumulated over the years as a result of long-term effective work with the regulating bodies).

The budget savings from a modest employee list we invest in professional training of our team. Every year we send our members to take part in professional training courses and specialised seminars. Our design and construction team managers pay much attention to modern technology, right marketing and good client interaction.

Mission – to render good quality service, with full scope of options for engineering and construction of infrastructure and networking. We aim to be on par with the European standards, hi-tech innovations, automation techniques and other leading technology for the industrial and residential applications.

Intertech keeps its pricing moderate, to attract new customers for long term relationship in the civil engineering market, as well as private developers that are interested in one-off projects.

Giving your custom to Intertech you can expect to receive a design and implementation of an infrastructure project in accordance with smart-house technology and other innovations. We offer tested solutions that have been successfully installed around the world.

Our projects serve a wide range of applications for industrial, commercial and residential customers. We always choose we known brands of equipment for our projects, with good price to quality ratio for each segment of industry we work with. Our portfolio consists of multiple projects ranging from small scale to full blown complex systems in security, plumbing, heating for whole cottage villages, residential areas and industrial plants. Our clients list has some very known customers in Russia, such as Gazprom, Metalloinvest, X5 Retail Group, MITs Group, PIK, KROST and so on. We are in the top twenty developing companies over the range of projects that we are involved in.

All services offered and rendered as in strict compliance with CNiP, TU, GOST. All activities by Intertech are licensed. The main licence being our permit for civil engineering and cinstruction.

Our goal – to keep our high rating in the engineering market, to broaden our scope of services on offer, and better our methods in civil design and constantly improve our professional level of technical ability. We are open to productive cooperation and mutually interesting prospects. If you have any suggestions for us, you are welcome to get in contact with our management team, as per the contacts page of our website.

The Intertech credo – good teamworked aimed at a quality result, instead of bloating its’ price or blagging quicker lead times.