Design and build


One of the most demanded and fast growing areas of hi-tech services is the engineering and installation of automation systems. At a rough approximation these systems can be sorted into the following three categories:

- Automation in industry, medicine, research and educational facilities;

- Automation for commercial organisation, finance and documentation;

- Automation of residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure .

With the growing demand for all three categories Intertech has begun to get involved in automation from the very beginning. As a result we are able to offer effective solution for any given business requirement. We have been involved in engineering and installation of smart-house projects for many years, where automation plays a central role in coordinating the infrastructure. We have many instances where we have gained control of a process with the aid of computers rather than electrical tools and hard labour.

Our own experience combined with world known development in the field allow us to quickly find economical solutions for all three of the above categories. For any business the CRM (client relations management) system can be significant to its’ success.

Smart-house control system – is the most critical part of the whole project. In industry, automation – is the ability to control complex processes effectively, competently and quickly, at the touch of just a few buttons.

For business Intertech offers installation, start-up assistance and training the complete solution based on special software, as well some other effective developments on the market.out turnkey solutions and the specialised software developed by our own programmers works uninterruptedly in large shopping malls and commercial parks. The software is developed in strict accordance with the Federal rules and regulations and is flexible in use.

Wherever automation of industrial processes is requires, our experts will be happy to assist you in engineering non-standard systems with complex controllers and data collection. In especially complicated cases we may develop our own custom build controllers.