Design and build

Smart house

Even 15-20 years ago not even the most experienced Russian foremen and architects could give a coherent answer as to what is a smart house. Whereas in the west, smart house features have been applied as far back as the latter half of the century gone by. Full automation of civil systems that are incorporated in the building is the main principle of designing a smart house. That is the system that takes over all routine function of a housekeeper. This allows for the residents lifestyle to be transformed to a new level: a smart house independently regulates all systems in the house, such as:

- Security system;

- Plumbing and heating;

- Lighting and other electrical systems;

- Air conditioning and betilation.

A smart house system, is a design project delivered by Intertech specialists as a reliable, easy to manage intuitive human interface system. We only work with proven professional equipment, with world class controllers – Mitsubishi, Siemens, Crestron, Beckhoff and so on. The investment into a smart house is quite moderate given the attained solutions:

- Easy to manage lighting, which can be quite exquisite ;

- Reliable modern security system, which could even incorporate a vision of presence in the house;

- Protection from hazards, such as fire, smoke, gas leakage, interior flooding;

- Microclimate control throughout different areas in the house;

- Maximum efficiency of using electricity, heating, water and other resources;

- Automatic care of aquariums, terrariums, greenhouses and summer gardens;

- Ability to control the house from any location, including anywhere in the world with the use of internet;

- Special function for people with impaired abilities;

- Information about all occurrences in the house by text message or over the internet;

- Smart house functionality can be extended.

We offer installation of smart house system at an unprecedented price compared to the average in the area, with a full guarantee that lead times and equipment quality are out of competition.