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«Intertech» Ltd – reliable international General Contractor

International architecture and civil engineering company «Intertech» specializes in design-build, construction management, and general contracting for national and international clients representing construction markets of every kind, all in accordance with client’s requirements and highest professional criteria. Our top managers are team leaders who have been involved for many years in design, reconstruction and implementation of various civil engineering applications.

General contracting Demolition Excavation work Construction
   Masonry work
Finishing Facade work Roofing Landscaping Rigging

«Intertech» is a client-centered, design/build general contracting firm that provides innovative solutions for its clients through Excellence and service in all aspects of the building process. Some of our projects:

Group of apartment buildings, address: Moscow region, Leninsky municipal district, plot of 3.5 ha

Construction of residential district «Luchino-Varino» in Shchelkovo area, Moscow region.

Construction materials plant «VOLMA-Maikop», Republic Adygea, Maikop area»

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