Design and build


A modern comfort in life is unthinkable without hot and cold water and plumbing. Water and heating are traditionally undertaken together with sewage plumbing, with a calculation of flow balances of clean and used water. Intertech is in possession of specialists in all three areas – water, heating and plumbing, which are often considered as a whole solution.

Sewer plumbing is classified into inner and outer plumbing systems. The latter, in absence of modern infrastructure is in fact a local purification plant, which is often referred to as a septic with a certain capacity and productivity. Inner plumbing is a piping network inside a building from the outer local or centralised water treatment network. The inner piping is usually polypropylene pipe with fitting and fixtures. Outer networks are installed by us using high tensile pipe.

Water supply can be categorised in the same way as treatment works, to inner and outer structure. The outer part is a centralised water supply network. The inner part is water distribution network with elements of sanitation treatment and heating equipment.

Our specialists use their full potential of expertise and experience to engineer the plumbing and boiler systems, such that the users may have uninterrupted access to heat and water regardless of their geographical and climate conditions. We are professionals at designing infrastructure from single buildings to whole cottage villages and residential areas. Inner and outer infrastructure for water, heating and plumbing are engineered by Intertech to economise on resources and minimise the impact on ecology.

We deliver the project for water, heating and plumbing at a professional level with a reasonable cost, on time regardless of complexity. Our portfolio lists fully implemented projects ranging from local water supply to centralised mainline networks.