Design and build

Investment projects

1.  Construction of a SPA hotel on the shores of the Black sea.

The project involves the construction of an 11 stories SPA complex with 220 apartments and all the necessary infrastructure.
The complex includes: – SPA-center. This posh SPA center is one of the highlights of the Project. - The SPA center’s area is 1 100 sq. m. - The total number of apartments is 220 - Sports complex - Restaurant

Amount of investment: $72 million

2.  Construction of a hotel by the first line of the Black sea.

The site is situated in the famous resort city of Yalta. Yalta is the pearl of the Black sea coast with the best beaches and invigorating air. Deciduous forest grows by the line of the coast and encircles the resort. 120 kilometers away from the resort is the airport of the Crimean Peninsula.

Amount of investment: $85 million

3.  Construction of a residential complex in Yalta.

The architectural complex consists of two sixteen – residential units with a three-level underground Parking and a recreation area with an outdoor swimming pool. The site is even, it is surrounded by greenery, and is located 850 metres from the Central waterfront and the urban beaches, which isthe territory of a former sanatorium. 2 convenient asphalted entries. Total number of apartments – 234

Amount of investment: €77 million

4.  Construction of a recreational complex in the city of Yalta.

Distance from the sea is 100 meters. Total area of the site is 19800 m2;
Infrastructure of the complex: Entertainment area, Restaurants, bars, etc, SPA center, Fitness centre, Tennis courts, Supermarket, Parking.
The complex curved lines of the façade is formed by the two standing together 14 ‐ and 18 ‐storey buildings, buildings of group A, creating a stylish façade and providing panoramic view from the apartments.

Amount of investment: $173 million

5.  Construction of a multifunctional complex in Alushta.

The aim of the project is to invest in the construction of a multifunctional detached complex of residential, hotel, and entertainment and shopping area. The profit of the owners is formed through the sale of the areas of the residential complex and cars in the Parking lot.
Sellable area of flats (83 one bedroom and 12 Two bedroom) – 4 328,57 sq. m. Construction area 460,82 sq. m.

Amount of investment: $32 million

6.  Construction of a shopping center in Moscow.

The purpose of the shopping centre as an object of infrastructure of the area Northern Butovo.
Is to provide its inhabitants with routine goods, durable goods, complex of public services and enterprises in the entertainment industry and catering. The Severnoye Butovo district is in the southern part of South-West administrative area of Moscow. The population of the district is 93.9 thousand persons.

Amount of investment: €60 million

7.  Low-rise residential complex in the suburbs of Moscow.

Residential complex – 8 block-sections with a complex configuration in the plan. Block-sections interlocked between two and three-and 4-storeys residential buildings.
Area of the land within the boundaries of the allotment – 32 183 m2 The number of inhabitants – 578 people

Amount of investment: $103 million

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