Design and build

Communication networks

Communication systems are an integral part of today world, not only for businesses, but even for residential purposes. Not a single building, be it offices, administrative or commercial is whole without an internet connection and other networks. The demand for a structured cable networks has made one of Intertechs’ main activities. The number of qualified staff available at Intertech can provide for engineering a structured netwroks of any complexity and purpose. We implement telephone and data networks including the use of modern wireless techniques.

Data networks have a very wide range of uses for telephone communication systems. They form the basis for interaction in the following segments of hi-tech equipment:

- Cable TV and radio;

- Security systems, including multi-functional;

- Paging and loud speaker systems;

- Telephone substation;

- Internet.

Our specialists implement relevant solutions for a wide variety of applications from small offices and education to government building, business centres and supermarkets up to large commercial buildings and so forth. We are compliant with the following regulations, both federal and international: ISO/IEC IS 11801-2002, CENELEC EN 50173, GOST R 53246-2008 and R 53245-2008. We are also capable of the US standard EIA/TIA-568С.

When planning a structured data network the most important things is not the physical cable layout, but the data relay structure. The ability to relate the network to other communications and structures in the building is vital to its functionality and rationality upon installation. Our knowledge and experience in the matter allow us to foresee these implications and engineer a solution that will save the incurred costs and help to break even quicker on the project. We guarantee that a data network installed by us will be most flexible with a modern standard for data capacity and speed. We used world known brands for our solutions, such as – Cisco, D-link, R&M, Legrand, Belden, ZPAS, EuroLAN, Molex, Krone, Nexans and so on.

When we engineer a data network we foremost pay attention to the following factors:

- Overall cost;

- Regional climate;

- Power supply quality and stability.